Missile Loadouts

Here is a list of the ships that I have covered in my ongoing Missile Loadouts series. This project is intended to provide a simple visual comparison of not only the missile armament of various warships, but the missiles themselves. While all of the loadouts represent maximum loadouts and do not include the training missiles that were often carried, I do attempt to determine the number of missiles that were actually possessed at the time and avoid purely theoretical loadouts.

All of the missile images are close to scale. However, detailed dimensions are generally unavailable and the art style forces some compromises.

Comment below if you desire a particular ship to be added and I will see what I can do.
Colbert (C611)

Forbin-class (D620)
Cassard-class (D614)
Suffren-class (D602)
Surcouf-class AAW (D625)

Great Britain
Type 45
Type 42
Type 82

Izumo-class (DDH-183)
Hyuga-class (DDH-181)
Shirane-class (DDH-143)
Haruna-class (DDH-141)

Atago-class (DDG-177)
Kongo-class (DDG-173)
Hatakaze-class (DDG-171)
Tachikaze-class (DDG-168)
Amatsukaze (DDG-163)

Asahi-class (DD-119)
Akizuki-class (DD-115)
Takanami-class (DD-110)
Murasame-class (DD-101)
Asagiri-class (DD-151)
Hatsuyuki-class (DD-122)

De Zeven Provinciƫn (C802)

De Zeven Provinciƫn (F802)
Jacob van Heemskerk-class (F812)
Tromp-class (F801)

United States
Ticonderoga-class (CG-47)
Virginia-class (CGN-38)
California-class (CGN-36)
Truxtun (CGN-35)
Belknap-class (CG-26)
Bainbridge (CGN-25)
Leahy-class (CG-16)


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