Modern Naval Battles

Since WWII there has been relatively small number of naval engagements. Therefore, they are all worth studying. Below is a list of post-WWII naval engagements (gunnery actions between small craft are deliberately omitted - while they are an important aspect of naval warfare, the technology involved has not changed for over 100 years). If I have made a more detailed post on a battle, it will be linked.

2017 - 2016 Red Sea Missile Attacks (Yemeni Rebels vs United States)

2010 - Attack on RoKS Cheonan (North Korea vs South Korea)

2008 - Battle of Abkhazia (Russia vs Georgia)

2006 - Attack on INS Hanit (Hezbollah vs Israel)

2000 - Attack on USS Cole (Al Qaeda vs United States)

1991 - Battle of Bubiyan Island (United States Coalition vs Iraq)

1988 - Operation Preying Mantis (United States vs Iran)

1987 - Attack on USS Stark (Iraq vs United States)

1986 - Battle of the Gulf of Sidra (United States vs Libya)

1982 - Lebanon Intervention Naval Bombardment (United States vs Lebanese rebels)

1982 - Falklands War (Great Britain vs Argentina)
  • Attack on HMS Glamorgan
  • Battle of Bluff Cove
  • Attack on HMS Coventry
  • Attack on SS Atlantic Conveyer
  • Battle of Seal Cove
  • Battle of San Carlos
  • Attack on HMS Sheffield
  • Attack on ARA Alferez Sobral
  • Attack on ARA General Belgrano
  • Attack on ARA Santa Fe

1980 - Operation Morvarid (Iran vs Iraq)

1974 - Battle of the Parcel Islands (China vs South Vietnam)

1973 - Yom Kippur War (Egypt & Syria vs Israel)
  • Battle of Tartus
  • 2nd Battle of Latakia
  • Battle of Baltim
  • Battle of Latakia

1971 - Indo-Pakistan War (India vs Pakistan)
  • Attack on INS Khukri
  • Loss of PNS Ghazi
  • Operation Python
  • Operation Trident

1967 - Attack on USS Liberty (Israel vs United States)

1967 - Attack on INS Eilat (Egypt vs Israel)

1964-1974 - Vietnam War (United States vs North Vietnam)
  • Operation Custom Tailor (1972)
  • Battle of Dong Hoi (1972)
  • Tonkin Gulf Incident (1964)

1961 - Battle of Mormugao Harbor (India vs Portugal)

1956 - Attack on ENS Domiat (Great Britain vs Egypt)


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